• Day Care

Our Day Care prices include $15 for half-a-day, which is up to 5 hours, or $25 for a full day. We also have specials for bundled days, please call 9368561400 for more information.

  • Boarding

Boarding prices very depending on how long your pet will be staying with us, please call 9368561400 for more information. Our boarding location is located in Montgomery away from highways and high traffic areas giving your pet a nice peaceful and relaxing environment full of nature. All runs are heated or air conditioned depending on the climate. Our location consists of 22 large kennels, each with their own doggie doors leading to a small gated area giving your pet the option of staying inside or outside while in the kennel. We also have three larger gated play areas for your pets enjoyment. By far the best part is that the owner and groomer of Purrdy Pawz, Jennifer Shannon, lives on location only a few yards away from the kennels, that way you know someone is at-location at all times.


  • ​Grooming

All our grooming prices are based off the size and breed of your pet, please call 9368561400 for an estimate. All our bathing prices include nail trims and all of our grooming prices include a bath and nail trim. We carry a variety of shampoos and conditioners for all your pet needs. Among these we have Emu shampoo, very soothing and great for dry skin, Furminator, for dogs that shed a lot, Flea and Tick, we leave it on for ten minutes to make sure all fleas and ticks are removed, Hypo-Allergenic, for pets with easily irritated skin, and Whitening and Darkening, to bring out that shiny coat! Likewise if you have your own shampoo, medicated or not, that you'd like for us to use feel free to bring it in.

  • Pet Supplies

Apart from grooming and day care we also carry pet supplies at our grooming location. We have everything from leashes and natural, holistic and frozen pet food to collars and pet toys. Whether you're just stopping by or dropping your pet off for a groom, feel free to take a look at our merchandise, we have employees standing by ready to help!